All India Marwari Mahila Samity was set to undertake a journey to help downtrodden, spread education especially to girl students, extending relief operations during natural calamaties and helping weaker section of the society, particularly women.

Since past seventeen years, the samity has given stipends to more than 6500 girls and about 1000 girls for computer training course. Scholarships are given to needy girls in the field of Nursing, Montessori courses, fashion designing and language interpreters.

The Samity has given scholarships to more than 900 needy students for Higher Education in Rajasthan as well as in West Bengal.

Every year various events like Diwali Mela, Rakhi Mela etc are organised where exhibition cum sale helps these women to be self-reliant. The cause is mounted with the honest effort to support the women in their battle against social injustice which prevails in the Indian society.

The samity has contributed at various levels in construction of institutions, computer centres, public utility service, providing financial and medical support to needy institutions, distribution of blankets, clothes etc, and adoption of needy students in various schools.

Some of the activities of the samity include the following :

  • Relief Operation
  • Helping the Helpless
  • Holi Milan
  • Rakhi Festival
  • Medha Samman